Happy Hour
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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Hans-Christian has a nickname of sorts - HC. But not much else. His wife has left him, taking his pride and any last vestiges of meaning to his life. Being a clever woman, though, she didn't take his friends Nick and Wolfgang. In a gesture of romantic and not-very-well-thought-through spontaneity, it is these two who decideto save HC from despair by whisking him off for a holiday in Ireland. The three men seek inspiration, raw nature, contact to their deeper inner selves, wild and free, and the bonds of true friendship. As it turns out, being stuck in a remote cottage with too much Guinness and too few girls isn't necessarily the ideal recipe for the latter...
It's Twilight of the Gods. But with more drizzle. And less gods.
Three Germans. Two mid-life crises. But only one Ireland.
Ripple World Pictures

tags: Family, Friendship, Comedy, Journey, Feature film

Cast: Simon Licht, Mehdi Nebbou, Alexander Hörbe


Screenplay: Franz Müller

Director of Photography: Bernhard Keller

Film Editor: Gesa Jäger

Composer: Cherilyn MacNeil

Production Designer: Utta Hagen

Costume Design: Monika Lange

Sound: Siddho Varza

Producer: Sonja Ewers, Steve Hudson

Production Company: GRINGO films GmbH

Co-Producer: Markéta Polednová, Katharina Jakobs, Jacqueline Kerrin, Dominic Wright

Co-Production Company: Film Boutique - Katharina Jakobs & Markéta Polednová GbR, Ripple World Pictures

Director: Franz Müller