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Welcome to Prittwitz! Acclaimed African-German author Sebastian Klein is on a tour promoting his latest book. In a small backwater town in what was formerly East Germany he receives the customary greeting from the local Neonazis - a blow to the head. Sebastian loses his memory and babbles everything these loonies tell him to. Nina, his pregnant girlfriend in Berlin, is extremely upset and sets off for Prittwitz where, with the help of a local policeman she tries to find him. He, in the meantime, is in the hands of the die-hard rightist thugs and their leader Sven, and feels on top of the world. Grinning like a cheshire cat, he hits one talk show after the other, spouting whatever garbage Sven tells him. A black German who's opposed to integration - the public doesn't know what to think... and neither does Nina.

Fast-paced and furious, HEIL is a strident farce about the state of the nation, in which nothing is sacred.

Filmmakers Live with director Dietrich Brüggemann

tags: Society, Comedy, War, Feature film, Current Affairs

Cast: Benno Fürmann, Liv Lisa Fries, Jerry Hoffmann, Jacob Matschenz, Daniel Zillmann


Screenplay: Dietrich Brüggemann

Director of Photography: Alexander Sass

Film Editor: Vincent Assmann

Composer: Dietrich Brüggemann

Production Designer: Theresia Anna Ficus

Costume Design: Juliane Maier

Sound: Jacob Ilgner

Producer: Michael Lehmann, Katrin Goetter

Production Company: Real Film Berlin GmbH

Co-Producer: Dietrich Brüggemann

Co-Production Company: Bella Firma UG, RBB, ARD Degeto, SWR, ARTE

World Sales: Beta Cinema GmbH

Distributor: X Verleih AG

Director: Dietrich Brüggemann