Principles Of Life
Filmfest 2011

Velicanu considers himself to be a fulfilled person. He has money and a new villa; he is married to a young woman with whom he has a baby, and has a son from his first marriage. But things get a little bit complicated. The crisis at the end of the day makes him wonder if he is really happy and fulfilled. "The story of Mr. Velicanu looks to me, without a doubt, like a thorough x-ray of a failure. It’s a multiple failure, absolute and decisive. While the first scenes of the film outline the image of a common man who is going through a pretty normal period of his life, with more or less characteristic problems, as the hours goes by Mr. Velicanu becomes more (or less!) than the acerb character that knows everything, that is good at constructions, mechanics, football, politics, cars, motor-cycles, bikes, gastronomy, inter-human relationships, business and the art of dialectics at different levels. It’s obvious that Velicanu, with every hour that goes by, represents and – also interesting – becomes aware of his decline..." Constantin Popescu

tags: Feature film

Cast: Vlad Ivanov, Gabriel Huian, Rodica Lazar


Director: Constantin Popescu