A Matter Of Interpretation
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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A small-time actress is devastated to learn that no one has come to see her play and storms out of the theater. While wandering the streets, she receives a call from a friend who says she's had a disturbing dream about the actress, advising her to stay out of trouble. The actress takes no heed to her friend's warning and heads to the park in hope to find peace. There, she accidentally meets a detective who is investigating the suicide case of a young man, and to her surprise the case resembles her dream the night before. As they talk, they discover that their lives are intertwined in a strange way.

"As I started to make films I realized I thought a lot about dreams. When my father was sick, there were many incidents where he was confused between dreams and reality. I think that made me start to look at dreams and reality more closely."
Kwan-kuk Lee in an interview with Korean Film Biz Zone

tags: Relationship, Far East, Comedy, Feature film, Surreal

Cast: Dong-mi Shin, Kang-hyun Kim, Jun-sang Yu


Screenplay: Kwang-kuk Lee

Director of Photography: Dae-hee Gang

Film Editor: Yeon-ji Son

Composer: Yong-jin Jeong

Production Designer: Sang-kyung Cho

Costume Design: Sang-kyung Cho

Sound: Young-ho Kim

Producer: James Do

Production Company: A BYEOKDOL FILMS

World Sales: M-Line Distribution

Director: Kwang-kuk Lee