The Small And The Wicked
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

A hot-tempered small-time criminal named Hotte is unexpectedly given custody of his two teenage children and decides to move in with them. For the child benefit payments he'll get from the government. Benno, his parole officer, does his best to sabotage Hotte's plans – even if it means resorting to illegal methods...

tags: Society, Comedy, Feature film, Crime/Murder

Cast: Christoph Maria Herbst, Peter Kurth, Emma Bading, Ivo Kortlang, Dorka Gryllus


Screenplay: Xao Seffcheque, Martin Ritzenhoff

Director of Photography: Leah Striker

Film Editor: Dirk Oetelshoven

Composer: Paul Eisenach

Production Designer: Stefan Schönberg

Costume Design: Ulrike Scharfschwerdt

Sound: Andreas Hildebrandt

Producer: Herbert Schwering, Christine Kiauk

Production Company: Coin Film GmbH

Distributor: Movienet Film GmbH

Director: Markus Sehr