Between 10 And 12
Filmfest 2015

One minute Mike is at home messing around with his girlfriend, the next the police are at the door with terrible news. Together with the police officers they search for Mike's parents. During the car ride, time seems to stand still; the Rotterdam houses look just the same, and life outside carries on as normal. But the family in the patrol car remains in a state of numb shock. The contrast between the seriousness of the situation and the banality of the everyday leads to painful, absurd and at times comical moments.

"There is a tension in life between the
horrible tragedies we encounter and the nitty gritty of everyday worries we face. That fascinates me. My goal is to shape this tension in my films that I make, because everything human is found somewhere between the extremes of a cheese sandwich and death."
Peter Hoogendoorn

tags: Family, Guilt, Feature film, Death, Grief/Trauma

Cast: Nasrdin Dchar, Cynthia Abma, Ko Zandvliet, Elise Van 't Laar, Raymond Thiry


Screenplay: Peter Hoogendoorn

Director of Photography: Gregg Tellusa

Film Editor: Tom Denoyette

Composer: Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva

Production Designer: Ben Zuydwijk

Costume Design: Sophie van den Keybus

Sound: Srdjan Kurpjel

Producer: Keren Cogan

Production Company: Keren Cogan Films

Co-Producer: Petra Goedings, Mylene Verdurmen, Thomas Leyers, Philippe Avril

Co-Production Company: Phanta Film, AVRO, Minds Meet, Unlimited

Director: Peter Hoogendoorn