The Wonderful Lies of Nina Petrovna
Filmfest 2011

German Age Rating

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THE WONDERFUL LIES OF NINA PETROVNA Nina Petrovna is the mistress of a wealthy Cossack colonel, who provides her with a life of luxury. She meets a young officer, Michael Andreyevich Silieff, in a nightclub and it's love at first sight. A childhood friend, she invites the young man to her house and seduces him. Hunted by Col. Teroff, Silieff leaves the house, but Nina decides to follow him and go live with him. Quite soon, however, the poverty of her new life puts her love in crisis and, when Teroff threatens to ruin Silieff’s career for cheating at gambling, Nina gives in to the blackmail and agrees to return to her husband. Awhile later, during a military parade, the young woman again meets her lieutenant, but after being ignored and humiliated by him, she takes her life. "A whopping melodrama set in St. Petersburg during the time of the czars. Nina Petrovna, the mistress of a wealthy Cossack, falls in love with a young cadet. Their happiness is short-lived, but the visual pleasures of Schwarz’s film are rich indeed." Museum of Modern Art

tags: Feature film

Cast: Brigitte Helm, Francis Lederer, Warwick Ward, Lya Jan, Harry Hardt


Director: Hanns Schwarz