Brotherhood Of Blades
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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This masterful kung fu thriller narrates the fate of three Jinyiwei (secret service agents in the Emperor's court) involved in the power struggle of the late Ming Dynasty, when they each have to protect their loved ones and their own lives from the top power.
IM Global

Director/co-writer Lu Yang has created a world without traditional heroes or virtues, a place of corruption and compromise in which everyone has a price and an ulterior motive. The film is set in 1627, towards the end of the Ming dynasty, when a young emperor decides to end the influence of all-powerful eunuch Wei and purge his supporters. Wei is a real historical character: Lu Yang and co-writer Chen Shu have re-imagined his fate and created a storyline around him.
Philippa Hawker, Sydney Morning Herald

tags: Action, Far East, History, Feature film, Western

Cast: Chen Chang, Shishi Liu, Qianyuan Wang, Dongxue Li, Yuan Nie


Screenplay: Chen Shu, Lu Yang

Director of Photography: Han Qiming

Film Editor: Yiran Tu, Liyun Zhu

Composer: Nathan Wang

Production Designer: Yu Zhao

Costume Design: Tingting Liang

Sound: Emma Long, Xiong Yi

Producer: Wang Donghui, Ling Hong, Zhao HaiCheng

Production Company: China Film Co.,Ltd

World Sales: IM Global

Distributor: Pandastorm Pictures GmbH

Director: Lu Yang