Filmfest 2015

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Choi-Hyeon, a professor in Beijing, travels to South Korea for a friend's funeral. Talking over drinks with another friend, Choi remembers an obscene painting in a teahouse in Gyeongju. The next day Choi heads to that city, where he finds the teahouse only to discover that the painting is no longer there. Still, he continues his journey into the past...

"You have to take into consideration what a teahouse represents in Korea, that space sort of represents a contemplative space (...) So when I really went to a teahouse and saw (an erotic) painting it fascinated me, because it was so contradictory, it represented a contradiction in me, or everyone really. It is the struggle between sexual desire, and the aversion to that feeling... I wanted to explore the contradictory space not only in the teahouse but also within myself."
Lu Zhang in an interview with

tags: Relationship, Far East, Happiness, Humor, Feature film

Cast: Hae-il Park, Min-a Shin, Jin-seo Yoon, Tae-Hoon Kim


Screenplay: Lu Zhang

Director of Photography: Young-jik Cho

Film Editor: Hyung-joo Kim

Composer: Min-gook Kang

Production Designer: Cho-hae Kim

Costume Design: Chan-young Lim

Sound: Bong-soo Kim

Producer: Lu Zhang

Production Company: Lu Film

Co-Producer: Gyeong-chan Na

Co-Production Company: Invent Stone

World Sales: M-Line Distribution

Director: Lu Zhang