Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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On his way from Heaven to Hell, Lucifer passes through the earthly paradise of Mexico, where elderly Lupita and her granddaughter Maria live. Lupita's brother Emanuel pretends he's paralyzed so he can drink and gamble while the two women tend to the sheep. Lucifer senses an opportunity and plays the miraculous healer. He forces Emanuel to walk again, seduces Maria, and makes Lupita lose her faith. He didn't bring bad luck, he only illuminated the line between good and evil, where it didn't exist before.
"The film was shot in Mexico, near Parícutin, the youngest volcano on earth. In the village where the film was shot time stands still, and beliefs and age-old traditions have not changed... This duality is what made me want to situate Lucifer's story here, and work with local actors. The film is shot in a circular format because for me paradise is enclosed, with Heaven at its centre."
Gust Van den Berghe

tags: Experimental, Art, Latin America, Nature, Feature film

Cast: María Acosta, Jeronimo Soto Bravo, Norma Pablo, Gabino Rodríguez


Screenplay: Gust Van Den Berghe

Director of Photography: Hans Bruch Jr.

Film Editor: David Verdurme

Production Designer: Natalia Trevino

Costume Design: Cesar Antonio Solis

Sound: Matthias Hillegeer

Producer: Tomas Leyers

Production Company: Minds Meet

Co-Producer: Jaime Romandia

Co-Production Company: Mantarraya Producciones

World Sales: NDM International Sales

Director: Gust van den Berghe