HH, Hitler à Hollywood
Filmfest 2011

When actress/director Maria de Medeiros starts shooting her documentary on legendary actress Micheline Presle, she has no clue that events that began in the later Thirties could unveil a plot that still outs lives at risk today. The excerpts of a film that disappeared before World War II put the PULP FICTION actress on the trail of a forbidden work that could have changed the history of world cinema: HITLER IN HOLLYWOOD - which is also the code name for a plot that the director wanted to expose before he too mysteriously disappeared: a secret Hollywood cell representing Hollywood's interests, a cell that would either buy or eliminate anyone opposing them. The menace still exists and the noose tightens around Maria. Without realizing it, she is being used as bait: every witness or bit of proof she uncovers is immediately eliminated...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Maria de Medeiros, Wim Willaert, Micheline Presle, François Morel, Michael Lonsdale


Director: Frédéric Sojcher