Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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Chihiro is always thinking about death, worrying all those around him. He struggles as his desire to live wanes over time. Chihiro and his wife, Yuri, decide to go on a trip to see his sister Kumi's home in Bali, and Yuri hopes this will be a healing trip for both of them. However, the trip ends up being a disaster. Their relationship and his condition only worsens, Yuri becomes infatuated with another man and Kumi is preoccupied with getting ready to give birth. The three eventually realize they each have different needs and desires that they must achieve individually, and a sense of distance begins to envelop them. The film questions whether there is hope for the possibility of communication and a level of understanding among them, or if it will just end with the sad reality of continual disharmony.

tags: Relationship, Far East, Women, Sexuality, Feature film

Cast: Yôko Mitsuya, Takumi Saitô, Cornelio Sunny, Kiki Sugino, Tom Mes


Screenplay: Kotaro Wajima

Director of Photography: Sidi Saleh

Film Editor: Lee Chatametikool

Composer: Seigan Tominomori

Costume Design: Ayako Nakai, Tomoko Otosaka

Sound: Ichsan Rachmaditta

Producer: Yukihiko Yamaguchi

Production Company: King Record Co., LTD

Co-Producer: Kiki Sugino

Co-Production Company: Wa Entertainment, Inc

World Sales: Wa Entertainment, Inc

Director: Kiki Sugino