I Swear I'll Leave This Town
Filmfest 2015

After a period of rehab, the daughter of a politician in Recife has to reintegrate into society and adapt her behaviour to the wishes of her ambitious father.
Aragão’s dynamic second film combines a retro-cool mood with contemporary anger.

"I dedicate this second feature to my deceased uncle, Márcio Alves Aragão, a frustrated artist who suffered from the strict and militarized rules of the 60's in the urban area of the state's capital, Recife. When he was 15 years old he got home high on marijuana, and my grandfather caught him in such a state. Frightened, he took him to a psychiatric clinic, where he was promptly hospitalized. During all my life I could witness his suffering through his sister (my mother), and from her, I was able to extract the feeling for the film."
Daniel Aragão

tags: Relationship, Loneliness, Latin America, Portrait, Feature film

Cast: Bianca Joy Porte, Zécarlos Machado, Sérgio Marone


Screenplay: Daniel Aragão

Director of Photography: Pedro Sotero

Film Editor: Daniel Aragão

Composer: Bernie Worrell

Production Designer: Thales Junqueira

Costume Design: Andrea Monteiro

Sound: Daniel Aragão

Producer: Daniel Aragão

Production Company: Cicatrix Filmes

Co-Producer: Jefferson Cavalcanti

World Sales: FiGa Films LLC

Director: Daniel Aragão