A Moonless Night
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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“One night in the lives of four differently lonely, ungrounded souls is portrayed with delicacy and gentle wit. With its combination of melancholy undertow and wry charm it lingers gently in the mind.”
Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter

"I fully identify with lonesome people, night owls, rusty and full of humanity, it’s easy for me to relate to them. I think that, deep inside, we’re all somewhat damaged and seek happiness in affection... The end of the year is the time when you try to come to terms with yourself, to clarify certain things. While lots of people celebrate, there are others who, in contrast, must work that night. There’s some kind of tension in the fact that some must work while others enjoy themselves. It’s this pseudo-festive mood that I found very interesting to portray in a movie."
Germán Tejeira in an interview with the Buenos Aires Herald

Filmmakers Live with director Germán Tejeira


tags: Loneliness, Latin America, Love, Feature film

Cast: Marcel Keoroglián, Roberto Suárez, Daniel Melingo, Elisa Galiano


Screenplay: Germán Tejeira

Director of Photography: Magela Crosignani

Film Editor: Germán Tejeira, Julián Goyoaga

Production Designer: Alfredo Soderguit

Sound: Atilio Sánchez, Lucas Fanchin

Producer: Julián Goyoaga

Production Company: Raindogs Cine

Co-Producer: Juan C. Maristany

Co-Production Company: Cine El Calefón

Director: Germán Tejeira