My friend Raffi
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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Recommended for ages 6 and up

Raffi is a hamster and he is eight-year-old Sammy's best friend. The little rodent is really special. Not only can he kick goals with a football but he can also sniff smuggled goods – even better than police dogs. Sammy and Raffi go through thick and thin together but then, all of a sudden Raffi is gone! Neither Sammy's mother, nor his sister has the time to help search for Raffi, and his father is far away in Afghanistan on a job. So Sammy has to find Raffi, who has fallen into the hands of a ruthless criminal, all by himself. He has to face one adventure after the other in the big city of Hamburg if he ever wants to see Raffi again...

Arend Agthe and Bettina Kupfer have come up with a thrilling story for children.
First as a novel – now as a movie!
Mimi & Crow Film

tags: Adventure, Family, Friendship, Feature film, Animal

Cast: Nicolaus von der Recke, Sophie Lindenberg, Henriette Heinze, Albert Kitzl, Bettina Kupfer


Screenplay: Bettina Kupfer, Arend Agthe

Original Material: Bettina Kupfer, Arend Agthe

Director of Photography: Thomas Benesch

Film Editor: Andrea Wenzler

Composer: Matthias Raue

Production Designer: Kai Varduhn

Costume Design: Elke Ringwelski

Sound: Thorsten Többen

Producer: Arend Agthe, Bettina Kupfer

Production Company: Mimi & Crow Filmproduktion

Distributor: MFA+ Filmdistribution e.K.

Director: Arend Agthe