Stinking Heaven
Filmfest 2015

A black as tar comedy charting the dissolution of a commune for sober living in early 90's suburban New Jersey.

"I'll never shake the quote: "Hell is other people". Every movie I make is a wrestling match with this statement. A movie about a commune in the early 90's seemed like the perfect arena for the latest match. We worked without a script or storyboards. My co-writer and I outlined the story structure; the actors and I developed the characters; and the cinematographer improvised along with the actors. The point was to create an environment that would allow chaos and life to rule the movie. Shooting a period piece,
I found it necessary to work with a news camera from the time. In the end, it's a documentary of a fictional world – one that deals with the need for family, love, and humiliation."
Nathan Silver

tags: Relationship, Feature film

Cast: Deragh Campbell, Hannah Gross, Keith Poulson, Tallie Medel, Eleonore Hendricks


Screenplay: Nathan Silver, Jack Dunphy

Director of Photography: Adam Ginsberg

Film Editor: Stephen Gurewitz

Composer: Paul Grimstad

Production Designer: Britni West

Costume Design: Zoe Koke

Sound: Arjun G. Sheth

Producer: Rachel Wolther

Production Company: Stinking Heaven, INC

Director: Nathan Silver