God Loves The Fighter
Filmfest 2015

The gritty urban drama follows homeless street poet, King Curtis, a prophetic, omniscient narrator as he tells the raw, tragic story of Charlie, a young man growing up in Laventille. He wants an honest job, but circumstances nevertheless drive him toward a life of crime. When prostitute Dinah crosses his path and desperately needs help, Charlie reaches a crossroads in his life. Set in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, the murder capital of the Caribbean, GOD LOVES THE FIGHTER realistically portrays what it is like to live in Laventille, one of the most dangerous slums in the world.

"The young men are still good at their core! Maybe more of us could stop pointing at a man when he's down and offer him a hand to help him back up."
Damian Marcano

Filmmakers Live with director Damian Marcano

tags: Society, Violence, Feature film, Urban

Cast: Lou Lyons, Jamie Lee Phillips, Abdi Waithe, Zion Henry, Darren Cheewah


Screenplay: Damian Marcano, Alexa Bailey

Director of Photography: Michael Cooke

Film Editor: Damian Marcano

Composer: Freetown

Production Designer: Damian Marcano

Costume Design: Steven Taylor

Sound: Aristotle Kumpis

Producer: Alexa Bailey

Production Company: Blue Cinamon Group

Co-Producer: Paul Morgan, Damian Marcano, Princess Simone Dolenan

World Sales: Stray Dogs

Director: Damian Marcano