Horse Money
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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A disquieting epilogue converts Costa's Fontainhas trilogy about displaced Cape Verdeans into a reflective quartet. Ventura, the real-life anchor of Colossal Youth, returns as an old man, trapped in a world of illness, decaying urban landscapes and the ghosts of memories of war and life. Yet, these dialogues are not simply melancholic: Costa mixes in life, family and music. The whole becomes a powerful meditation on life and trauma in the post-colonial world, a virtuoso display of Costa as cinematic master.
HKIFF, 2015

tags: History, Cultural Conflict, Art, Feature film, Surreal

Cast: Ventura, Vitalina Varela, Tito Furtado


Screenplay: Pedro Costa

Director of Photography: Leonardo Simões, Pedro Costa

Film Editor: João Dias

Composer: Os Tubarões

Sound: Olivier Blanc, Hugo Leitão, Vasco Pedroso

Producer: Abel Ribeiro Chaves

Production Company: Sociedade Óptica Técnica, OPTEC

Distributor: GRANDFILM

Director: Pedro Costa