Filmfest 2015

In the heavily populated city of São Paulo, Brazil, a young architect discovers a clandestine cemetery walking through the worksite of his first important project, located in a lot belonging to his family. As terrible memories float back, he must struggle with his conscience and question his own heritage.

"Being born and raised in a city like São Paulo isn’t what one would call easy. One of the biggest cities in the world, centered on the everyday life of its inhabitants and short-term attention span of the modern life, it often ignores facts related to its own past and memory. OBRA, my first feature film, is a personal tale that deals with the relations between the individual and the city, and how the present can’t ignore the past. It’s also an attempt to exorcise the urban ghosts that haunt my subjective universe."
Gregório Graziosi

Filmmakers Live with director Gregorio Graziosi

tags: Society, Latin America, Guilt, Feature film, Urban

Cast: Irandhir Santos, Julio Andrade, Lola Peploe, Marku Ribas, Luciana Inès Domschke


Screenplay: Gregório Graziosi, Paolo Gregori

Director of Photography: André Brandão

Film Editor: Gabriel Vieira de Mello

Production Designer: Mario Saladini, Vera Oliveira

Sound: Fábio Baldo

Producer: Zita Carvalhosa

Production Company: Cinematográfica Superfilmes Ltda

World Sales: FiGa Films LLC

Director: Gregório Graziosi