The Wanted 18
Filmfest 2015

In the Middle East, only cows are black and white.
It's 1987 and the Israeli army is in hot pursuit of eighteen dairy cows in the town of Beit Sahour in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The cows are declared a threat to Israel's national security after a group of Palestinians begin producing milk for the town's residents. These newly minted dairy farmers have to learn the most basic skills – even how to milk the cows! Humorous and thoughtprovoking, THE WANTED 18 shows the power of mass mobilization and nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation during the First Intifada.
Just Vision

Shomali and Cowan tell this one-of-a-kind story through a unique combination of stop-motion animation, interviews, drawings and
archival material, bringing to life one of the strangest chapters in the history of the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

tags: Arab World, Documentary, Humor, Cultural Conflict, Human Rights, Surreal

With: Heidi Foss, Alison Darcy, Rosann Nerenberg, Holly O'Brien, Amer Shomali


Screenplay: Paul Cowan

Director of Photography: Daniel Villeneuve, Germán Gutiérrez

Film Editor: Aube Foglia

Composer: Benot Charest

Sound: Daniel Fontaine

Producer: Ina Fitchman

Production Company: Intuitive Pictures Inc

Co-Producer: Saed Andoni, Dominique Barneaud, Natalie Cloutier

Co-Production Company: Dar Films, Bellota films, National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

World Sales: National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

Distributor: Bellota films

Director: Amer Shomali, Paul Cowan