Stray Dog
Filmfest 2015

Harley-Davidson, leather, tattooed biceps: Ron "Stray Dog" Hall looks like an authentic tough guy. A Vietnam veteran, he runs a trailer park in Missouri with his wife, Alicia, who recently emigrated from Mexico. Gradually, a layered image comes into focus of a man struggling to come to terms with his combat experience. When Alicia's teenage sons arrive, the film reveals a tender portrait of an America outside the mainstream.

"Stray Dog's story is also about a Midwestern workingman negotiating the convulsions of our times – gun culture, unemployment and underemployment in recession-era America. Why does a relative or a neighbor join a militia group? How do you advise a grandchild who can’t make ends meet working two full-time jobs? When does boredom, frustration or lack of opportunities lead to changing the receivables on an AK-47?"
Debra Granik

tags: Relationship, Documentary, Memories, Friendship, Society

With: (Dokumentarfilm) Ron "Stray Dog" Hall, Alicia Soriano Hall, Felipe Angel Padilla Soriano, Felipe de Jesús Padilla Soriano


Director of Photography: Eric Phillips-Horst

Film Editor: Victoria Stewart

Sound: Peter Levin

Producer: Anne Rosellini

Production Company: Still Rolling Productions

Co-Producer: Victoria Stewart

Director: Debra Granik