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Mauro walks through the city buying stuff. He is a 'passador', in street jargon a grifter who palms off counterfeit currency. He and Luis decide to set up a little printing house to produce counterfeit money themselves. Mauro moves discreetly, always alone; until he meets Paula.

"I think that something interesting happens when you can't take distance from the facts and the characters of a story. You must move all the time looking for your subject. It forces you to avoid being biased towards the characters. The films I enjoy always represent this personal journey. So I decided to make this film with my family and with my friends, without having a defined plan. Shot from uncertainty. Because at the end, and after all, that is a little about what making films is about: a struggle between planning and random, the idea and the reality."
Hérnan Rosselli

Filmmakers Live with director Hernán Rosselli

tags: Latin America, Love, Feature film, Urban, Crime/Murder

Cast: Mauro Martinez, Juliana Inae Simones Risso, Victoria Bustamante, José Pablo Suárez, Patricia Fouret


Screenplay: Hernán Rosselli

Director of Photography: Hernán Rosselli

Film Editor: Delfina Castagnino, Hernán Rosselli

Composer: Alasthor

Production Designer: Mariana Rosselli

Sound: Catriel Vildosola

Producer: Hernán Rosselli

Production Company: Un resentimiento de provincia films

World Sales: Primer Plano Film Group SA

Director: Hernán Rosselli