Not All Is Vigil
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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Antonio and Felisa are a couple of old people who have been together in their small, quiet village all their life. Now that their health is more fragile they are afraid of not being able to take care of each other. Despite that, they oppose the possibility of going to a retirement home and having to put their lives in someone else's hands.

"To me it's very hard to think of Antonio and Felisa separately. I've always seen them together, all my life they've been together in the same house. They only separated when one of them was in the hospital. Then I could observe them and conceive them separately. I don't know if it is a matter of time or love, but they are not independent beings. There is something that connects them so hard that when you are with one of them, the absence of the one who is not there is as powerful as the presence of the other.
Hermes Paralluelo

tags: Aging, Relationship, Documentary

With: (Dokumentarfilm) Felisa Lou, Antonio Paralluelo


Screenplay: Hermes Paralluelo

Director of Photography: Julian Elizalde

Film Editor: Iván Guarnizo, Hermes Paralluelo

Production Designer: Uriel Wisnia

Sound: Federico Disandro

Producer: María José García

Production Company: EL DEDO EN EL OJO SL

Co-Producer: Diana Ramos Medina

Co-Production Company: Janus Films, RTVE, TV Aragón


Director: Hermes Paralluelo