The End Of An Age
Filmfest 2015

O FIM DE UMA ERA is not the 'making of' Sonia Silk Operation. More ambitious and generous, it aims to be an experimental documentary on the creative process of the collective crew formed for the creation of the Operation films. The aesthetic challenges, the rhythm of the images and the Rio de Janeiro geography all come together.

"THE END OF AN AGE is the epitome as well as the summit of Operation Sonia Silk. A film made within the other films. An intimate look at what's between life and cinema, between creation and love... A film that is about the nuance of feelings that exist between two shots or two takes. A film that looks at people who loved and suffered while giving their lives to cinema... A film dedicated to women who loved too much, more than they or anyone could bear... Voices and faces: a love film between generations."
Bruno Safadi, Ricardo Pretti

tags: Experimental, Filmmaking, Latin America, Love

Cast: Helena Ignez, Otávio Terceiro, Fernando Eiras, Maria Gladys, Bruno Safadi


Screenplay: Bruno Safadi, Ricardo Pretti

Director of Photography: Lucas Barbi

Film Editor: Luiz Pretti

Sound: Edson Secco

Producer: Rita Toledo

Production Company: Daza Produção Cultural

Co-Producer: Ricardo Pretti, Bruno Safadi, Paulo Mendonça, Jerome Merle

Co-Production Company: Alumbramento Filmes, TB Produções, Canal Brasil, Teleimage

World Sales: Daza Produção Cultural

Director: Bruno Safadi, Ricardo Pretti