Filmfest 2015

When Brandy decides to reclaim her life as an actor, the domestic world she's carefully created crumbles around her. ACTRESS is both a portrait of a dying relationship and an exploration of a complicated woman, performing the role of herself, as she faces the desires that exist outside of her home.

"When I originally came up with the idea to start filming my next door neighbor Brandy Burre, it wasn't to document the dissolution of a marriage or to create the nonfiction/melodrama hybrid that we ended up with. I was a huge fan of THE WIRE, so it was very cool for me to put the camera on my friend who had been on that show. But mostly I had been thinking about the role of performance in documentary and I thought it would be an interesting experiment to make a documentary about a person that, as an actor, couldn't help but perform when the camera was on her."
Robert Greene

Filmmakers Live with Brandy Burre

tags: Documentary, Filmmaking, Women, Portrait

With: (Dokumentarfilm) Brandy Burre


Director of Photography: Robert Greene

Film Editor: Robert Greene

Sound: Andrey Netboy

Producer: Susan Bedusa, Douglas Tirola, Robert Greene

Production Company: 4th Row Films

World Sales: Curator Films

Director: Robert Greene