Tired Moonlight
Filmfest 2015

Every town has a post office, lovers, guns, switchblades and beer. You just have to know where to look and when to look the other way. Pitting grand landscapes against dinners of fried chicken and the roar of V8 engines on Saturday nights, TIRED MOONLIGHT wanders through solitaire games (always won), secrets lost in cavernous hearts, and the fifty miles of bad road that always gets you home.

"I went into it with the idea of this woman who lives alone, and ends up connecting with this four-year-old and sort of realizing that her life went a totally different direction than she had thought it would go... I spent a lot of time wandering around my home town and taking notes and reading books and keeping lots of little ideas bouncing around."
Britni West in an interview with filmmakermagazine.com

tags: Family, Society, Feature film, Urban

Cast: Liz Randall, Paul Dickinson, Hillary Berg, RainLeigh Vick, Charles Smith


Screenplay: Britni West

Director of Photography: Adam Ginsberg

Film Editor: Britni West, Gerald D. Rossini

Composer: Paul Grimstad, Jake Sullivan

Production Designer: Britni West

Sound: Kelly Pieklo

Producer: Britni West

Production Company: Britni West

Director: Britni West