Filmfest 2011

The last five months of 10-year-old Wolfgang and 35-year-old Michael’s involuntary life together. "My thoughts kept returning over the past few years to the way that perpetrators and the notion of the perpetrator are dealt with in public. And there is scarcely a crime in this discourse that is so flatly condemned as child abuse. It is one of society’s greatest crimes, such that even sterling citizens who feel strongly about the law would love to return to mediaeval justice and start to wish all manner of things for the accused. I myself am not free of it either when I hear about things like this, which go beyond what I can imagine and picture to myself. And over long stretches I followed the yellow press, which has been left almost entirely to deal with this subject. That really shocked me and I wanted to take a look at it myself. I have attempted to approach the topic without disguising anything, and film fiction offers exactly this possibility." Markus Schleinzer

tags: Feature film

Cast: Michael Fuith, David Rauchenberger, Christine Kain, Ursula Strauss, Victor Tremmel


Director: Markus Schleinzer