Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief
Filmfest 2015

Academy Award winner Alex Gibney turns his gaze to Scientology, based on the book by Pulitzer Prize winner Lawrence Wright.
This powerful new film highlights the Church's origins, from its roots in the mind of founder L. Ron Hubbard to its rise in popularity in Hollywood and beyond. The heart of the film is a series of shocking revelations by former insiders, inclusing high-ranking and recognizable members such as acclaimed screenwriter Paul Haggis (CRASH), as they describe the systematic history of abuse and betrayal by Church officials, including the current leadership of the Church.
A provocative tale of ego, exploitation and lust for power.

"The goal in the film is not to delegitimatize anybody's belief, it's to question the way an outfit like Scientology can take the belief of good-hearted people and turn it into a very sinister direction."
Alex Gibney

tags: Documentary, Society, Religion, Current Affairs

With: (Dokumentarfilm) Lawrence Wright, Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, Paul Haggis


Screenplay: Alex Gibney

Original Material: Lawrence Wright

Director of Photography: Sam Painter

Film Editor: Andy Grieve

Composer: Will Bates

Producer: Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright, Kristen Vaurio

Production Company: Jigsaw Productions

World Sales: Content Media Corporation

Distributor: Telepool GmbH München

Director: Alex Gibney