Filmfest 2011

"This film began with a newspaper article about a series of petty robberies committed by a group of young boys. The thieves, the youngest of whom was only 12, the oldest 14, used an elaborate strategy. One of the victims would be accused of stealing a cell phone. When the victims denied it, one of the attackers would intervene diplomatically and suggest that they should all go together and show the cell phone to the (fictitious) little brother, who was just a short distance away. The victims would go along with the thieves to what turned out to be a much further distance from the center of town. The name given to this was the "little brother number". The thieves used very elaborate, very inventive rhetoric in their game. This aspect of the facts immediately appeared to me to have to do, in a profound way, with the very basic idea of a drama, a play. And there is drama here, not only because the story is choreographed around a situation of aggression, but also because the manner in which the thieves act it out, is actually a form of reversal in the game of social roles to which they are accustomed." Ruben Östlund

tags: Feature film

Cast: Anas Abdirahman, Sebastian Blyckert, Yannick Diakité, Sebastian Hegmar, Abdiaziz Hilowle


Director: Ruben Östlund