Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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A simple labourer in a remote mountain village is driven to desperate measures to provide for the women in his life.
Work, earn a salary, live off that money. This simple postulate has always been a problem for Jungchul, who works at a soybean paste factory. During the winter, he fantasizes about traveling to the Philippines in spring, where the weather is mild and life is easier. The only thing he has to do to reach his dream and leave is to achieve the soybean paste quota he promised his boss, but soon the fermentation room turns musty and black mold starts spreading from the thousands of fermented soybean lumps.

tags: Work, Far East, Society, Human Rights, Feature film

Cast: Jungbum Park, Seungyeon Lee, Myunghoon Park, Heatbit Shin


Screenplay: Jungbum Park

Director of Photography: Jongsun Kim

Film Editor: Hyunju Jo

Composer: Inyoung Park

Sound: Donghoon Jin, Hyunsang Kim

Producer: Jungbum Park, Youngjin Kim, Byungwon Jang, Sangyong Lee, Hongsik Park

Production Company: Secondwind Film

World Sales: FineCut Co., Ltd.

Director: Jungbum Park