Red Amnesia
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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Deng is a stubborn retired widow who spends her days caring about her two grown up sons and her elderly mother, despite her family's efforts to stop her. But her daily routine starts derailing when she keeps receiving anonymous calls. What’s happening to her? Who could have anything against her? Even her husband’s ghost doesn't seem to know…
Chinese Shadows International Sales

"People aged 70 today grew up around 1949, after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. They have been educated by the different political movements our country went through. And they have gone through them all... they were completely brainwashed and became insensitive. That's the reason for the emptiness of their existence. In the film, I wanted the old lady to realize what is actually going on. That's how this project became RED AMNESIA."
Xiaoshuai Wang

tags: Family, Far East, History, Guilt, Feature film

Cast: Zhong Lü, Shi Liu, Yuanzheng Feng, Hao Qin, Amanda Qin


Screenplay: Xiaoshuai Wang, Lei Fang, Fei Li

Director of Photography: Di Wu

Film Editor: Hongyu Yang

Composer: Umeit

Production Designer: Pan Lou

Sound: Kang Fu

Producer: Liu Xuan

Production Company: Dongchun Films

Co-Producer: Lin Xu , Leah Xu, Wei Jiang, Isabelle Glachant

Co-Production Company: Chinese Shadows

World Sales: Asian Shadows

Director: Xiaoshuai Wang