Filmfest 2011

Julio meets with Gazmuri, an established writer who needs someone to type up the manuscript of his latest novel. He ends up not getting the job. Instead of confessing this to Blanca - his neighbor and lover - he decides to make believe he is still transcribing Gazmuri's presumed novel, which he is actually writing himself. In need of a plot, Julio turns to the romance he had 8 years earlier with Emilia when both were studying literature in Valdivia. "The relationship between life and fiction is at the core of BONSAI. Fiction can take the shape of a lie, but also a narration, a forgery, a personal ritual or a pot containing and shaping a plant. A truly unfit person, Julio’s way is a search for a personality which satisfies himself. On this path, he resists authenticity as much as he resists productivity, which puts him at odds with the current mood of Santiago de Chile. A film is not only a story, but also an artifact. In this case, I aspire for the bonsai to be not just a plot element, but also an inspiration for its style: synthetic, ascetic, focused in detail rather than context, and endowed with a significant degree of lightness." Cristián Jiménez

tags: Feature film

Cast: Gabriela Arancibia, Diego Noguera, Trinnidad González, Nathalia Galgani


Director: Cristián Jiménez