Filmfest 2015

One winter evening, at an empty gas station, young country musician Sami meets beautiful Julia, who has run out of gas. Sami, who's been living alone in his car since his ex kicked him out, invites Julia back to "his place" for the night. Four years and a Master degree later, Julia works for a fair-trade start-up business while Sami is working on a country music act with his best friend Fernand. Already in his 70s, Fernand is an exuberant guitar virtuoso who lives on his own in a nursing home. Sami and Fernand spend many happy hours together jamming and drinking their way through bottles of fine wine. Yet life with Julia becomes increasingly difficult. Over time, Sami's happy-go-lucky attitude has begun to grate on Julia and she decides it's time to put their relationship on hold. With nothing but his guitar and his pain, can a song save Sami's love?
Picture Tree International

Filmmakers Live with director Mathias Urfer

tags: Relationship, Love, Music, Feature film

Cast: Baptiste Gilliéron, Julia Faure, André Wilms, Nils Althaus, Roland Vouilloz


Screenplay: Mathieu Urfer, Joanne Giger

Director of Photography: Timo Salminen

Film Editor: Yannick Leroy

Composer: Mathieu Urfer, John Woolloff, Luft - Ariel Garcia und Marcin de Morsier

Production Designer: Régis Marduel

Costume Design: Anna Van Brée

Sound: Masaki Hatsui, Gabriel Hafner, François Musy

Producer: Elodie Brunner

Production Company: Box Productions

World Sales: Picture Tree International

Distributor: One Filmverleih

Director: Mathieu Urfer