Raven The Little Rascal - The Big Race
Filmfest 2015

Age 0 (pending), recommended for ages 5 and up

In a powerful story about teamwork, acceptance and finding one's calling, little Raven and his friends take part in an exciting and tumultuous race through the forest.

Based on the book series of the same name by Nele Moost (story) and Annet Rudolph (artwork), published in Germany by Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag.
Akkord Film

tags: Animation, Humor, Guilt, Feature film, Animal

Speaker: Jan Delay, Katharina Thalbach, Anna Thalbach, Gerhard Delling


Screenplay: Katja Grübel

Original Material: Nele Moost, Annet Rudolph

Film Editor: Erik Stappenbeck

Composer: Alex Komlew

Sound: Christian Heck

Producer: Dirk Beinhold

Production Company: Akkord Film Produktion

Distributor: Universum Film GmbH

Director: Ute Münchow-Pohl, Sandor Jesse