Shorts For Kids 5 & Up: Pitt & Weem - The Rubbish Dump Rodents
Filmfest 2015

Pitt and Weem are little rodents who live on a big rubbish dump. They lead a clean life recycling the dirt around them and they don’t bother anyone. They'd rather live there than anywhere else. They have everything they need in the mountains of garbage. They also have a few things they don’t need - gulls! Whenever Pitt and Weem find something tasty it seems like the gulls want to steal it. But being big and stupid is no match for being small and clever, and Pitt and Weem have a few tricks up their sleeves...

This film is in Shorts For Kids 5 & Up
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tags: Animation, Humor, Short film, Animal


Screenplay: Nigel Cutler

Director of Photography: Nigel Cutler

Film Editor: Nigel Cutler

Composer: Kevin Macleod

Sound: Nigel Cutler

Producer: Nigel Cutler

Production Company: Nigel Cutler

Director: Nigel Cutler