Rivertrip With Gonzo
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

Recommended for ages 6 and up

A new director's cut of Arend Agthe’s classic children's film complete with new title.

Eleven-year-old Johanna has to spend the summer with her grandfather and cousin Robert. At first the two children feel uncomfortable with each other; Robert is stand-offish and Johanna is shy and lonely. But things change when the girl becomes party to Robert’s secret plan. He wants to go on a river trip with his friends to discover a new passage to the sea, using Grandfather’s row boat. Johanna, Robert and two kids from the neighborhood embark on their adventure one night, with food, a map and Gonzo, a chicken Johanna has taken from her grandfather’s coop. She believes that the hen will ward off a local water goblin. When their Grandfather realizes what has happened, he sets out to find them. But when danger lurks on the horizon the kids are left to their own devices.

tags: Adventure, Family, Friendship, Journey, Feature film

Cast: Julia Martinek, David Hoppe, Fedor Hoppe, Uwe Müller, Hans Beerhenke


Screenplay: Arend Agthe

Director of Photography: Jürgen Jürges

Film Editor: Yvonne Kölsch

Composer: Martin Cyrus, Matthias Raue

Production Designer: Tomas Bergfelder

Costume Design: Stephanie Polo

Sound: Jochen Hergersberg

Producer: Bernd Küsters, Gudrun Ruzicková-Steiner, Michael Smeaton

Production Company: Frankfurter Filmwerkstatt GmbH

Co-Production Company: Hessischer Rundfunk (HR)

Distributor: MFA+ Filmdistribution e.K.

Director: Arend Agthe