Yallah! Underground
Filmfest 2015

In a region full of tension, young artists in the Middle East have struggled for years to express themselves freely and to promote more liberal attitudes within their societies.During the Arab spring, like many others of this new Arab generation, local artists had high hopes for the future and took part in the protests. However, after years of turmoil and instability, young Arabs now have to challenge both old and new problems, being torn between feelings of disillusion and a vague hope for a better future.
"YALLAH UNDERGROUND is a documentary project about alternative lifestyles and alternative artists in the Middle East. Our goal is to show young Arabs who represent a different image than the one portrayed in the media. These are open-minded, creative and talented people who basically do not match this violent, aggressive image that a lot of people in the West have of young Arabs and of young Muslims."
Farid Eslam

tags: Arab World, Documentary, Society, Youth/Coming of Age, Music

With: (Dokumentarfilm) Zeid Hamdan, Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, Karim Adel Eissa, Marc Codsi, Mayaline Hage


Director of Photography: Prokop Soucek

Film Editor: Jakub Vomacka

Sound: Ladislav Greiner, Karel Havlicek

Producer: Farid Eslam

Production Company: Mind Riot Media

Co-Producer: Dana Wilson, Dina Harb, Ondrej Sejnoha

Co-Production Company: Mortal Coil Media, Birthmark Films, FAMU - Faculty of Film and TV

Director: Farid Eslam