Shorts For Kids 5 & Up: The Missing Freckle
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

Film Website

Tilli's seventeen freckles are her pride and joy. Not only are they fun to count and show her where she's been kissed by the sun - Tilli's seventeen freckles connect her to her best friend Tim, who has exactly the same number. One morning, one of Tilli's freckles is gone! Tim doesn't understand why Tilli doesn't want to play with him anymore. But Tilli can't bare the thought that her best friend might notice that they are no longer the same…

This film is in Shorts For Kids 5 & Up
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tags: Friendship, Happiness, Short film

Cast: Ricarda Tillmann, Henrik Puls, Stephanie Stremler, Evelyn Cron, Matthias Hinz


Screenplay: Frédérique Veith, Thomas J. Hauck

Original Material: Thomas J. Hauck

Director of Photography: Jide Tom Akinleminu

Film Editor: Lorna Hoefler Steffen

Composer: Uli Beck

Production Designer: Manuel Albert

Costume Design: Ulli Kremer, Make-up: Stephanie Hanf

Sound: Manja Ebert

Producer: Micah Magee

Production Company: Makrorama GbR

Director: Frédérique Veith