Pampa Blues
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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Somewhere in the southern outback of Germany. A tavern, a store, a gas station, a few farms and a deserted garden center. It's home to 16-year-old Ben who dreams of a trip to Africa in an old VW microbus. But Ben is in limbo. He can't leave. He has to look after his demented grandfather Karl because his mother is a jazzsinger and on tour. The introverted teenager works as a mechanic for Maslow, the village tycoon. Maslow is determined to turn the village into a boomtown by means of highly creative but bizarre plans such as the latest sensation – a UFO. The idea is that the UFO will attract the media and make the area a tourist attraction. Still, it's not as effective as he thought it would be. But when Lena shows up because her car broke down, Maslow thinks she's a reporter. Ben falls in love with Lena. Lena likes Ben – a lot. Life could actually be nice in the middle of nowhere. At least much nicer. Could.
Bavaria Fernsehproduktion

tags: Society, Youth/Coming of Age, Feature film

Cast: Sven Gielnik, Joachim Król, Paula Beer, Klaus A. Müller-Oi, Adam Markiewicz


Screenplay: Rolf Lappert

Original Material: Rolf Lappert

Director of Photography: Hagen Bogdanski

Film Editor: Tina Freitag

Composer: Ralf Wienrich

Production Designer: Dominik Kremerskothen

Costume Design: Susanne Witt

Sound: Uwe Griem

Producer: Doris Zander

Production Company: Bavaria Fernsehproduktion GmbH

Director: Kai Wessel

Editor: Friederike Barth (SWR), Manfred Hattendorf (SWR), Stefan Kruppa (ARD Degeto)

TV channel: Südwestrundfunk (SWR) , ARD Degeto