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In her capacity as an emergency pastoral worker, clergywoman Judith Ehrmann is called to a serious accident. Sixteen-year-old Lisa has been killed and her gravely injured boyfriend Oliver pulled from the wreck. A black station wagon had driven them off the road before fleeing the scene. When Judith and Inspector Minow bring Lisa's unsuspecting parents the news of her death that night, she does not yet suspect that the accident will also wreak havoc upon her own life: her husband Christoph drives a black station wagon, her 17-year-old son Paul is practising for his driving licence, and both share a secret – although not with her...

tags: Family, Society, Feature film, Thriller

Cast: Claudia Michelsen, Henning Baum, Thomas Loibl, Thomas Thieme, Jordan E. Dwyer


Screenplay: Dorothee Schön, Drehbuch bearbeitet von Aelrun Goette

Director of Photography: Leah Striker

Film Editor: Monika Schindler

Composer: Annette Focks

Production Designer: Matthias Klemme

Costume Design: Natascha Curtius-Noss

Sound: Bernhard Joest-Däberitz

Producer: Benjamin Benedict, Nico Hofmann

Production Company: UFA Fiction GmbH

Director: Aelrun Goette

Editor: Diane Wurzschmitt, Sascha Schwingel

TV channel: ARD Degeto