The Barschel Affair
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

Uwe Barschel, 43, Minister President of Schleswig-Holstein and father of four children, is found dead in the bathtub of his hotel room in Geneva. His dramatic end is the beginning of incessant speculation and countless conspiracy theories. Barschel had lied blatantly to the German people. And they had found out.
David Burger is a young, ambitious reporter for a large Hamburg daily newspaper. He and his colleague Olaf investigate Barschel’s death. David is convinced there’s more to it than suicide. His investigation leads him to a web of scheming, illegal arms deals, various intelligence agencies with one man in the center of it all, an unstable Minister President susceptible to blackmail. But David, too, has a troubled psyche and fights his inner demons and tries to save his marriage even as he refuses to give in to intense pressure.

tags: Society, Politics, Thriller, Feature film

Cast: Alexander Fehling, Fabian Hinrichs, Matthias Matschke, Antje Traue, Martin Brambach


Screenplay: Kilian Riedhof, Marco Wiersch

Director of Photography: Benedict Neuenfels

Film Editor: Andreas Radtke

Composer: Peter Hinderthür

Production Designer: Yesim Zolan

Costume Design: Lucia Faust

Sound: Miroslav Babic

Producer: Ariane Krampe

Production Company: Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH

Director: Kilian Riedhof

Editor: Stefan Kruppa, Sascha Schwingel

TV channel: ARD Degeto