The Dark Horse
Filmfest 2015

THE DARK HORSE is a true story based on the life of a charismatic, little-known New Zealand hero: Genesis Potini. Once a heralded chess champion, Genesis has spent the last few years in and out of mental institutions, battling with severe bipolar disorder. After being released from the psychiatric ward for one more chance at life, he moves in with Ariki, his gang-patched and distant brother, and Ariki's soon-to-be-patched teenage son, Mana. Needing a purpose and a reason to get out of the gang house, Genesis joins a rough-as-guts local chess club, with the wild idea of coaching the motley crew of kids to the national chess championship.
New Zealand Film Commission

tags: Society, Happiness, Humor, Feature film

Cast: Cliff Curtis, James Rolleston, Kirk Torrence, Miriama McDowell, James Napier Robertson


Screenplay: James Napier Robertson

Director of Photography: Denson Baker

Film Editor: Peter Roberts

Composer: Dana Lund

Production Designer: Kim Sinclair

Costume Design: Kristin Smith

Sound: Nick Buckton

Producer: Tom Hern

Production Company: Four Knights Film Ltd

Co-Producer: Jim Marbrook, James Napier Robertson

Co-Production Company: Southern Light Films

Distributor: Koch Films GmbH

Director: James Napier Robertson