Just One Night?
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

Eva, a successful scientist, meets a younger man, Tom, on a business trip to Slowenia. They have a one night stand. Since she is already having a secret affair with her boss Hajo, she'd just as soon forget her night with Tom but his spontaneous, adventurous lifestyle – he's a professional poker player – and the good sex they had continues to fascinate her and she begins an affair with him, too, despite her qualms. Tom, unlike Eva, couldn't care less about their age difference or other conventions. Eva is worried about possible gossip and what her daughter might think. But when Eva finally decides to acknowledge their relationship publicly, she's in for a nasty surprise...
ARD Degeto

tags: Aging, Relationship, Women, Society, Love, Feature film

Cast: Juliane Köhler, Marc Benjamin, Dominic Raacke, Alice Dwyer, Johannes Zirner


Screenplay: Brigitte Blobel, Robert Krause, Sibylle Tafel

Director of Photography: Thomas Etzold

Film Editor: Uli Schön

Composer: Martin Tingvall

Production Designer: Marion Foradori

Costume Design: Birgitta Lohrer-Horres

Sound: Alexander von Zündt

Producer: Dietmar Güntsche, Christian Balz

Production Company: Neue Bioskop Television GmbH

Director: Sibylle Tafel

Editor: Barbara Süßmann, Birgit Titze, Sascha Schwingel

TV channel: ARD Degeto