Blue In The Face
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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A wacky group of locals visit the neighborhood cigar shop, looking for good times and finding plenty of hilarious fun. But when the greedy owner threatens to close the shop for good and turn it into a trendy vegetarian restaurant, the neighborhood proves they'll do just about anything to save their favorite hangout.
Lou Reed's appearance in the Brooklyn cigar store that's a haven for the neighborhood's oddball characters was widely considered to be one of the highlights of the sequel to Wayne Wang's SMOKE.

tags: Memories, Happiness, Humor, Feature film

Cast: Lou Reed, Michael J. Fox, Roseanne Barr, Mel Gorham, Jim Jarmusch


Screenplay: Paul Auster, Wayne Wang

Director of Photography: Adam Holender

Film Editor: Christopher Tellefsen

Composer: John Lurie

Production Designer: Kalina Ivanov

Costume Design: Claudia Brown

Sound: Marko Costanzo

Producer: Greg Johnson, Peter Newman, Diana Phillips

Production Company: InterAL

Co-Producer: Hisami Kuroiwa

World Sales: Park Circus Ltd.

Director: Paul Auster, Wayne Wang