The Ceremony
Filmfest 2015

A film about love and friendship that depicts cross-border relationships where dominance and submission are central. We meet the fascinating and unusual writer Catherine Robbe-Grillet.
Intimate material reveals participants sharing views on art, norms, identity, ageing, loneliness, friendship and love. The spectator is invited into a fascinating, evocative and private world depicting staged, stylized sadomasochist ceremonies based on Catherine’s universe.
Robbe-Grillet, a sharp intellectual born in 1930, who published her first book ("L'image") in 1956. It was banned and publicly burned in Paris. After more than 50 years of exploring eroticism and the world of sadomasochism, Robbe-Grillet is today widely considered France's most famous dominatrix.

tags: Documentary, Women, Society, Sexuality

With: (Dokumentarfilm) Catherine Robbe-Grillet, Beverly Charpentier, Dominique Corringer, Claude Helleu, Christian Hersant


Screenplay: Lina Mannheimer

Director of Photography: Daniel Takács

Film Editor: Laureline Delom

Composer: Jonas Colstrup

Production Designer: Elle Kunnos de Voss

Costume Design: Elle Kunnos de Voss

Sound: Jess Wolfsberg

Producer: Mathilde Dedye

Production Company: French Quarter Film

Co-Production Company: Mannheimer Produktion, Nuit Blanche Productions, Camera Lucida

World Sales: Autlook Filmsales GmbH

Director: Lina Mannheimer