Cocaine Cowboys
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

This movie is awesome... Andy Warhol’s performance was subtle, yet captivating. Jack Palance was his usual bad-ass guru self... This is one of the great overlooked films from the late 70's. It prefigures the post punk movement in its hedonistic display of fashion and drug consumption. Indeed, we are all just cocaine cowboys. The title of the movie is a summary of the times yet also an astute indictment. Andy Warhol is truly transcendent. His acne scars barely even show.
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tags: Art, Music, Feature film, Western

Cast: Jack Palance, Tom Sullivan, Andy Warhol, Suzanna Love, Pete Huckabee


Screenplay: Ulli Lommel, Spencer Compton, Tom Sullivan, Victor Bockris

Director of Photography: Jochen Breitenstein

Film Editor: Paul Evans

Composer: Elliot Goldenthal

Sound: Bob Maier

Producer: Christopher F. Giercke

Production Company: Summa CGI

World Sales: Lommel Films

Director: Ulli Lommel