Return To Beethoven Street: Sam Fuller In Germany
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

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RETURN TO BEETHOVEN STREET: SAM FULLER IN GERMANY covers the making of Fuller’s 1972 pulpy, neo-noirish thriller DEAD PIGEON ON BEETHOVEN STREET from script to screen. The recently rediscovered, hardly-ever-seen original director’s cut of DEAD PIGEON, running 25 minutes longer than other versions and more, prompted the production of this in-depth documentary, which features new interviews with star Christa Lang, supporting actors Eric P. Caspar and Hans C. Blumenberg, executive producer Günter Rohrbach, fellow directors Wim Wenders and Dominik Graf (both ardent DEAD PIGEON fans), composer Irmin Schmidt (of legendary krautrock group CAN), Fuller’s daughter Samantha, and film scholars Janet Bergstrom and Bill Krohn. Many of these participants share their first-hand recollections of Samuel Fuller at work, while others offer a more analytical approach. The resulting insights and theories combine to turn this documentary into both a fascinating lesson in filmmaking and a very pleasurable look back at a rare moment in film history, a period when Hollywood genre movies and Eurpean art films, big screen and small screen, mainstream and avant-garde converged.

Filmmakers Live mit Christa Lang-Fuller, Samantha Fuller, Samira Fuller

tags: Documentary, Filmmaking, Cultural Conflict, Current Affairs

With: (Dokumentarfilm) Christa Lang-Fuller, Wim Wenders, Samantha Fuller, Dominik Graf, Hans-Christoph Blumenberg


Screenplay: Robert Fischer

Director of Photography: Robert Fischer

Film Editor: Robert Fischer

Composer: Irmin Schmidt (CAN)

Sound: Robert Fischer

Producer: Robert Fischer

Production Company: Fiction Factory Robert Fischer Filmproduktion

World Sales: Fiction Factory Robert Fischer Filmproduktion

Director: Robert Fischer