Dead Pigeon On Beethoven Street
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

From its cutthroat opening, Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street displays the confrontational kineticism central to Fuller’s work and probes familiar themes of duplicitous identities and malleable allegiances. Approached to make a picture for the German television series Tatort, Fuller seized the chance to create a “tongue-in-cheek adventure”: “I wanted Dead Pigeon to be full of high jinks and hilarity. People expected me to be doing war movies or action pictures. I’d always dreamed of doing a comedy, a film of pure entertainment.”
UCLA Film & Television Archive

Digital presentation courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive

Filmmakers Live with Christa Lang-Fuller, Samantha Fuller, Samira Fuller

tags: Action, Feature film, Thriller

Cast: Christa Lang, Glenn Corbett, Anton Diffring, Eric P. Caspar, Hans C. Blumenberg


Screenplay: Samuel Fuller

Director of Photography: Jerzy Lipman

Film Editor: Liesgret Schmitt-Klink

Composer: Can

Costume Design: Dela Fredrich

Sound: Richard Kettelhake, Ernst Thomas

Producer: Joachim von Mengershausen

Production Company: Bavaria Media GmbH

Co-Production Company: Chrisam Films

Distributor: Bavaria Media GmbH

Director: Samuel Fuller