Der Platzanweiser: Porträt eines Kinomanen
Filmfest 2015

German Age Rating

This mockumentary by Peter Gehrig deals with the search for a German cineast, Werner Loth, who simply vanished in the late Seventies while in pre-production for his 4th film. Successful ‘new German wave’ directors of the time such as Herbert Achternbusch, Peter Lilienthal and Hans-Jürgen Syberberg reminisce about him. In this ‘portrait of a cinemaniac’, legendary German film historian Joe Hembus recounts more about his own life than that of the mysterious disappearance of Loth, who, it is rumored, ended up as an usher in a movie theater in Paris.

Please note: This film (75 Min.) will be screened during the event Homage To Joe Hembus.

Filmmakers Live honoring Joe Hembus

tags: Documentary, Filmmaking, Feature film

With: (Dokumentarfilm) Hanna Axmann-Rezzori, Haro Senft, Hans W. Geissendörfer, Klaus Kirschner, Enno Patalas


Screenplay: Peter Gehrig

Director of Photography: Stephen Marks

Film Editor: Mulle Goetz-Dickopp

Composer: Ernst August Quelle

Sound: Michael Becker

Producer: Jürgen Dohme, Axel von Hahn

Production Company: Balance Film, Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR)

Director: Peter Gehrig