Filmfest 2015

Financial crises and streams of refugees, social inequality and ecological catastrophes, terrorism and wars – like a bullet train, Western civilization is speeding straight towards a wall. Behind the steering wheel are governments that apparently aren't able to solve people's problems. Could it be that they are a big part of the problem? Are there any alternatives? PROJECT A is a documentary that wants to show that another world is possible. Be it the anarchy-influenced Exarchia neighborhood in Athens, the anti-nuclear power protests in Germany, the world's largest anarcho-syndicalist trade union in Spain CGT, the Catalan cooperative, or within the cooperatively organized Kartoffelkombinat in Munich. These activists have visions, independent of national structures that are based on equal rights and for the public good.

Filmmakers Live with cast and crew of PROJEKT A

tags: Documentary, Society, Economy, Current Affairs


Screenplay: Moritz Springer, Marcel Seehuber

Director of Photography: Marcel Seehuber

Film Editor: Frank Müller

Sound: Moritz Springer

Producer: Rene Römert

Production Company: Port-Au-Prince Film & Kultur Produktion GmbH

Director: Moritz Springer, Marcel Seehuber